Alubba Fenix

Executive Coach and Bio-Hacker

Welcome. I’m pleased you are here. And curious to know, what is possible for you from here?

As an Executive Coach and Bio-Hacker I’m focused on helping people develop the mind-set, energy and habits necessary to bring forth their best self and to perform at their best. I help people to become purpose aligned, healthy and conscious of whom they really are, so that the life they are living is a true reflection of the life that wants to live within them.

I have a degree Psychology with a specific focus on Sports and Performance Psychology. I am also an accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation and have certified with Bulletproof 360, one of the world’s leading human performance organisations. Additionally, I have over 17 years of experience in the technology sector as a successful Sales and Marketing professional with both HP and Oracle.

When I’m not in the UK I enjoy spending time at my second home in the mountains of Portugal with my wife and two children. This is also the home of the Vivid Imagination Bio-Hacking centre and the venue for some of my Coaching retreats and seminars. I also take a month each year to visit a tribe who live in the Rainforest of Gabon, West Africa.

If you are ready to take full responsibility as the author of your own story, then my invitation to you here is to reach out and experience what my Coaching can offer to help you on this journey to know thyself, master thyself and share thyself.

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