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The Human Body is a system, much like a computer, and Bio-Hacking applies a system thinking approach to the body. The objective is to find ways to hack the system to improve human performance outcomes.

Human Beings stand at a unique moment in their evolution, with an ability like never before to gather huge amounts of data on a given individual body and apply scientific observation and analytic models to understand that data. Welcome to the era of the “Quantified Self” and the emergence of Bio-Hackers. The body is your laboratory, N=1.

I am certified to offer Bio-Hacking Mentor Coaching with Bulletproof 360, one of the world’s leading human performance organisations.
My training was under the tutelage of  Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof Executive.

Mentor Coaching differs from pure Coaching in that it also involves the Coach providing some advice and guidance based on their knowledge and expertise in a particular area. Working with my clients in this area I focus on sharing knowledge and information about various Bio-Hacking protocols which may be useful for clients to experiment with given the outcomes they are seeking to obtain.

For more information on the emerging field of Bio-Hacking, you can listen to some of the Podcasts on this site or visit Bulletproof Digital Inc.

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