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Want my clients say:

“Alubba is a very strong coach. He brings energy, enthusiasm, and a lot of blue sky thinking to the table. Alubba’s many years as a proven marketer, sales person, and consultant mean that he can relate, and coach around a range of business and personal challenges.”

Simon Collinson, Customer Success Leader at Salesforce


“Alubba has a great ability to spot opportunity in the face of adversity and has helped me chart the best course through choppy waters. He has helped me find strategies to improve my career options, and helped me find the motivation to execute the strategies. I find regular sessions good to focus and keep an eye on my professional development as well as my job.”

Martin Rasmussen, Alliance Manager at VMware


“During the time Alubba has been my coach, I have been very impressed by his guidance. He brings such positive energy to his coaching. He has a wealth of knowledge from which he draws the most practical, real world insights. I always come away from our meetings full of enthusiasm and energy. I have enjoyed positive change and real, lasting benefits from our interactions.”

Neil Sutton, Security Design Lead at TRUSYS, Inc.


For a few months now, Alubba has been coaching me, to help me investigate the narratives and self-limiting beliefs that are in the way of personal growth. He listens attentively and he has a remarkable gift of reflecting back a coherent overview of what he understands is being said. Alubba truly knows how to hold space, when to respond, humbly yet with conviction. He knows how to ask the right questions and how to offer different perspectives, tools and techniques that allow for a gentle but profound reprogramming of the conditioned mind. I find it an absolute joy to be in session with him and trust him deeply. Besides all his skills he is a compassionate and loving human being on a path of exceptional service.

Jeroen Stapper, Freelance Photographer

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